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The world's two most powerful positive outlook forces

science and nonviolence



Samuel O. Spooner holds a BA degree in philosophy and political science from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. He and his wife Joan are enjoying retirement in San Diego. Retirement has finally given him time to actively pursue a lifelong interest in writing creative fiction that promotes both science and spirituality. Mr. Spooner’s first novel, 18-Karat Karma, was published in 2010. His second novel, The California Kids Who Saved Cosmic Civilization, was published in 2017. He is retired from a pair of very diverse careers. During the earliest period of his working life, he was employed as a metallurgical research-and-development technician and laboratory supervisor for several decades. More recently, he enjoyed a lengthy career in real-estate sales and management.  

A proverbial potpourri of lifetime experiences has grounded Mr. Spooner in both practical science and foundational philosophy. His novels are a veritable garden of scientific wildflowers living in symbiosis with spirituality. His artfully crafted wordscapes are profusely sweetened with a bucketful of double entendre and a fistful of triple-witted wordplay.

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