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Zen  mystery novel
The California Kids

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18-Karat Karma is a true oxymoron—a fast-paced, Zen-based murder mystery. The novel is populated by genuinely compelling characters and packed with spellbinding action that's guaranteed to captivate the imagination of both the casual reader and the more philosophical fan of Buddhism. Not unlike a runaway locomotive, the novel's startling plotline  threatens to derail its twenty-one-year-old protagonist's pursuit of justice each time it reaches one of the many hairpin turns in its sustained series of head-spinning karmic switchbacks. 18-Karat Karma contains both graphic violence and explicit sexuality. This novel is intended for mature adult audiences only.

The California Kids Who Saved Cosmic Civilization is an unequivocally unique SCI-FI novel. It chronicles the stellar escapades of two young boys from Shasta County who become unlikely heroes in a mind-boggling race against time to rescue the people of earth from their own irrational violence. After a twelve-year-old science-nerd experiences a mind-bending alien encounter, he and his  brother  quickly become the brain children behind their family’s powerful yet peaceful struggle to save the planet. Finally, a fast-moving positive-outlook novel with an uplifting ethical message for fun-loving philosophical adults — one that they’ll proudly share with their youngsters.

Positive Outlook Novels champion

the nexus of science and spirituality

and foreshadow a much brighter

future for mankind.

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